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Kelowna counsaelling servicesWHAT IS A TRANSITION?

A transition can be defined in many ways in our lives. The most widely known forms of transition include: the act of passing from one state or place to the next an event that results in a transformation


Just as there is a steady transition between summer and winter or between day and night, we experience transition in our lives. Much of that transition is just part of human growth, from one stage of life to another. That growth begins at birth and continues through our lives.

Our mission statement is “Helping People Grow Through Change”. The process of change through therapy often means growth for the client, as they can come to understand their situation better, and move past what has brought them in to seek help.

Many people experience times in their lives when they begin to feel overwhelmed and have difficulty in coping. Therapy or counselling can often help people with a transition to a place of balance, where they are much better able to cope, and not feel as overwhelmed. Clients can not only cope better, they can develop strategies that can make their lives more manageable in the future as well.

Our process is a collaborative one, with the therapist and the client establishing the issues to be explored together, and what the goals of therapy will be. The therapist will help de-mystify the counselling procedure for the client, so they are better able to understand it.

Our approach to individual counselling is an integrative one, which combines a number of therapy styles, allowing the therapist to have flexibility in how they might work with a client. We will also work with couples or families that are struggling in their relationships with each othe