First Responders:

First Responders have unique careers in that they not only cope with the stressors the rest of us have but they also have to deal with others trauma as well. This can stretch their ability to cope because stress is cumulative. They can also put their lives in danger as a result of their occupation, sometimes resulting in PTSD. These inherent differences can seem overwhelming for some, impacting their ability to function sometimes. There are numerous counselling modalities that are available to help, but without reaching out there can be no help. You can find help here.

Trauma and loss:

The emotional shock of experiencing a deep loss or a traumatic experience can be extremely difficult to process, and can even be debilitating for some. Trying to put the pieces back together after either can be overwhelming to many. Having a safe place to work through this difficult time is vital. I am willing to walk with you on your journey.

Anger management:

People that struggle to cope with angry reactions tend to become more isolated over time, and can find it difficult to maintain friendships and relationships that can last. I approach anger in two general ways. First is to help a client with becoming more aware of when they are being triggered and how they could better manage their reaction. Secondly I explore what their triggers are and where they originate from.

Couples counselling:

Clients usually enter into couples counselling when they have run out of ways to cope. Collaboratively, we try to explore not only what is going on at the time that had brought them in to seek help, but what underlies the problem. There are many issues that couples can struggle with, and often they are struggling with a number of issues at the same time. Slowly over time, couples can have a chance at renewing their relationship into one that is more balanced and nurturing for both.

Crisis intervention training;

I offer Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training to First Responder groups and other front line workers. I custom tailor the course to meet the needs of the organization, including health care workers . I also offer follow up CISM maintenance training to keep teams up to date and to deepen their skill set in the skills needed, as well as helping start a peer based team get set up.

Compassion fatigue and resilience:

Resilience is the ability to “spring back” from traumas or losses to a balance again in their lives. People in helping professions may experience what has come to be called compassion fatigue. Essentially it is when people that are in professions they were drawn to that help people. Over time, due to stress, their ability to have compassion or empathy can diminish, hampering them from helping the people they are there to help, but also having less compassion and empathy away from the workplace, including their personal life and relationships.

Crisis intervention:

I also offer crisis interventions for groups that have experienced a traumatic event. The objectives of a crisis intervention are: help mitigate the impact on people that experience a traumatic event and help them move through it and return to pre-trauma functioning.

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